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Color and line are the most prominent tools I use to convey my artistic expression. Using a range of techniques from hard, crisp, clean edges to dramatic, feathered brushstrokes and fluid, feminine curves, my canvas reveals my explorative journey with abstract application of pigment and form.

Growing up in Iowa, I found my first influences from the study of architecture having been introduced by my father and the visionary work of Frank Lloyd Wright to the clean lines and precise angles found in contemporary building design. This love of drafting and drawing led my artistic path toward acrylic painting that would later include latex and spray paints. Since moving to California I've experienced a heightened awareness around my personal, natural, political and social environments. These are all reflected in a unique color palette of rich earth and soft yet dynamic gem tones that connect and speak to one another with composure throughout the varying statements of each series.

Like the Pacific Ocean that rejuvenates and frees my creative impulses, painting serves me with an escape into a world of no rules, distractions, or negativity. There is only acceptance and deliberate liberation from oppressive constraints and expectations. I begin each new work without a predetermined outcome, but in the painting process my voice and story are visually heard through abstract shapes, distinctive color choices and occasional figurative focal points. In each body of work I am offering the viewer relatable introspection to the evolution of my personal growth and self discovery.

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